How to get UBIK Tokens

Ubik Network is a permissive network for Ubik Capital supporters and contributors.

You can become one of our supporters in various ways: staking with us, becoming an Ubik ambassador and spread the word about Ubik(by creating videos, by writing articles, by doing graphic design, and so on).

Step 1. Verify here if you are eligible to receive the UBIK tokens. If you find any wallet address, that you own, in this list go to step 2
Step 2. Using this tutorial you need to generate a ubik wallet address, after which you should have a wallet address that starts with ubik …
Install Keplr wallet
Keplr is the only wallet integrated with Ubik Network and Keplr extension is supported only by Chrome.
Use this link and click Add to Chrome button

Click Add extension.

Now you can see Keplr installed extension in your browser.

Click on it and press Create new account button. Add Account name, password and backup your wallet mnemonic seed. Press Next to verify your mnemonic seed. Then Register button. You’re all set!.

Next, use this link and then click Approve
If the Approve button is not actived please refesh the Chrome page and you will recive your ubik… wallet address.

Step 3. Send a message using your wallet that you found in the list from step 1, with the exact form as below and replace ubik… with your generated ubik wallet address from step 2.

I, the owner of ubik… wallet address, I agree with Term and Conditions from

To send the message use the official wallets of the projects that are supporting memo field and put the message in the memo field, or you can use Command Line Wallets.

You can see below a few examples of wallets and how to proceed.

Any funds sent to Ubik Network’s wallet addresses will not be refunded.
Any message that will not follow that form will be ignored.
Any message that will not be a from a wallet that is not in eligible list will be ignored.

Step 4. Wait to receive your tokens, could take a few weeks.